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How we use and manage your personal data
Important information
Braux Energy Group respects your right to privacy on the Internet when you use our web sites and electronically communicate with us. We apply security measures for your personal data and manage them according to privacy data regulations of Spain.

Please, consider that Braux is responsible for the treatment of your personal data. The principles contained in this Privacy Notice are applicable to all responsible for data treatment of Braux Energy Group at the moment they received your personal data, for the purposes described herein. These purposes are [Data treatment to engage in different activities available at Braux's website]

We have set out some key questions that think you would like to have an answer related to personal data sending to Braux. This answer will inform you, to the extent required by legislation in force, about the rights are relevant regarding to your personal data, security measures taken by Braux concerning your personal data and the uses such data are intended for. We hope this information is useful.

If you have any request about your personal data or any question about these practices, please, contact Braux at the address indicated in question 5 you will find below.

We have designed this Privacy Policy so as you don't have to read everything to find an answer for a certain question. If you want to read it completely, do not hesitate and do it. Following you can find the full text.
1. Personal data that Braux collects in this web page and how collects them
If you wish, you can provide your personal data. We just collect the personal data YOU want to provide us or are needed to provide (and improve) the service we given. We directly collect the personal data, such as the name, age, sex, physical information as height and weight, civil status, information about your family members of dependant persons, postal address and email address; and also indirectly by cookies the connection and information of the system.

You might want to give us your email address, name, telephone number, etc. so that we can provide you information about our products, participate in our contests or surveys, or just stay informed about the exciting developments of Braux you are interested in. Some features of the web site may not be available to users who do not provide their data or do not consent the use of cookies and similar technologies in this site.

Likewise, may be you want to develop your professional career in Braux and request a vacancy by submitting your CV to our online job offers pages.
2. Security measures of Braux
Braux uses security measures according to personal data protection regulations. Braux has adopted security measures designed to prevent data loss, preserve data integrity and regulate the access to data. Only authorized employees of Braux Group and authorized employees of our third party data processing service providers, on our behalf, have access to your personal data. All employees of Braux who have access to your personal data must adhere to Braux's Privacy Policy, and Braux requires all of their third party service providers to ensure that any of their employees with an access to their personal data have signed Non-disclosure agreements. Agreements have also been signed with these third party service providers, who act as data controllers for Braux and have access to your personal data, to ensure the compliance of security level required in your country and that your personal data are only processed in accordance with the instructions given by Braux.

Check question 4: Who transfers Braux your personal data and why?
3. How uses Braux your personal data?
Your personal data will be only used for the purposes for which you have provided them to Braux, according to what was indicated in the moment of providing them. Likewise, they will be used to manage, assist and obtain opinions about the level of our services, to prevent breaches in security, law or our contractual conditions, and for direct marketing purposes. Other third parties, including entities located outside the European Economic Area ("EEA"), may also be transferred (as a part of the information generally contained in the activity), in case of a sale or reorganisation of the enterprise, or in accordance with the legislation or applicable regulatory body requires or authorizes.
4. Who transfers Braux your personal data and why?
Braux will never share your personal data with any third party, for example, with anyone who not be an entity belonging to the Braux Energy Group, who intends to use them for their own purposes, except when is required by law. Braux, as a part of a multinational group, may transfer or assign your personal data to another person responsible for the data processing within the Braux Group to use them for similar purposes, at its discretion. Hereby, you consent to such transfer or assignment. If your personal data were transferred or assigned to another responsible for the data processing within Braux Energy Group, such other responsible will have the same rights and liabilities as Braux, regarding to your personal data.

With your consent, Braux may share your personal data with third parties, as entities not belonging to Braux Energy Group, but only in the strictly limited circumstances indicated below:

• Our third party data processors (such as digital agencies, web hosting providers, data storage providers and other technical partners), who help us to manage this website or process the data that are sent to them, can access to your data. Some of these business partners may have their headquarters outside the country from which you access to this website.
5. Access to your personal data
You have the right to request Braux to provide you with all the information they have stored about you. Certain national regulations may require you to pay a small amount for this activity. If you want to oppose to the processing of your personal data, direct marketing or to have your personal data rectified, you may do so by sending an email.
6. Countries to which your personal data will be sent and why
Braux is an international company and it is possible your personal data will be transferred to other countries. They may be transferred to countries that have data protection laws of different levels from the country from your personal data have been sent. Braux, (as a data controller and exporter), has adopted - when the local data protection regulations so require - security measures for the export of personal data from its jurisdiction. In those cases in which the local data protection regulations require it, Braux has entered into agreements with the entities receiving your personal data, so such shall guarantee the application of the security measures and that your personal data will be processed only according to the data protection laws of the EU.

If data are transferred from the EEA to a jurisdiction outside said space, it will be carried out under a Data Transfer Agreement which guarantees the protection required of your personal data, in accordance with EU data protection laws and of other EEA countries.

The server hosting this web page may be located outside the country from which you have accessed to it. Provider of this website is bounded by a contract, whereby undertakes to manage your data in accordance with the data protection laws of the EU and to act only according to the instructions of Braux, as well as to continuously apply all technical measures needed to ensure the security of your personal data.
7. How and why Braux uses cookies and other similar technologies?
Braux uses cookies, small text files that are stored on your computer due to the web pages you visit, or certain emails you open and other similar technologies such as flash cookies and web beacons. Such technologies are used very frequently for the operation or more effective operation of web pages, as well as to provide commercial and business information to site owners, collect personal data such as the type of browser and operating system used, the page from you accessed, the route of visit, ISP domain, etc., with the purpose of knowing better how visitors use the website. Cookies and similar technologies help us to adapt this website to your personal needs.

This type of information obtained through cookies will not be disclosed outside from Braux Energy Group or from our data managers. Shall not be used for unsolicited communications.

The cookies stored on your computer do not contain your name, but an IP address. In many cases, after ending of user's session, the information contained in cookies is no longer available for Braux.

Make sure your computer settings show if accept cookies or not. You can set your browser to warn you before accepting cookies, or you can simply refuse to accept them, although in such case you will not be able to access all features of the website. You can find more information on the "Help" button in your browser. Some cookies may not be affected by these settings. You do not need to accept cookies to use or browse through many parts of this site or other Braux's websites. Remember that, if you use different computers in different places, you have to check each browser is set to fit your preferences about cookies.

[For more information about cookies, including how to prevent access to the computer, visit]
8. Customization of web page
With your consent, and in accordance with the following, we can use the data you provide us about yourself when registering online to get an idea of your interests, so that we can guarantee that when you visit the site do not miss the offers and the most interesting information for you.

Braux and their prestigious third-party advertising companies that act on their own behalf will collect information about the use of visitors make of our website, for the purposes of statistical analysis, marketing and sales research; tracking the use of pages and routes used by visitors through our website, guide the content of the site, guide our advertising campaigns and direct marketing (mailings), guide our banners on our website and other websites, and track the use of our banners and other links from websites of our marketing partners to our website.

Likewise, we may combine these data about the use of the web with other information we have collected about you. For example, if you have reached our site through an advertising email sent to an individual account, data about your user registration (if you have been logged) and stored data about the use of web compared to a previous cookie stored on your computer. We store this information to have a better and more specific knowledge of how customers use our site and their preferences and interests. We may use it to perform research in marketing and sales and to customize our site, our advertising campaigns and our communications by email expressly for you.
9. Changes on terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy
Braux, from time to time, may make changes and amendments to this Privacy Policy. Please, regularly check this Privacy Policy to see the changes and how they may affect you.