A brighter, cleaner future for companies based on trust
At Braux Energy Group, our mission is to secure a brighter and cleaner future for companies based on trust. Trust is the expectation that something will work in a certain way, but it is also the security we feel when undertaking a job or endeavour. For us, trust is our goal, and to achieve it, we design, produce, implement and launch the most technologically advanced renewable energy plants in the world. Our values underpin our mission and our objectives, and are the qualities which mark us out and guide us in our day-to-day work. Braux Energy Group stands for the following company values: flexibility, quality, team work, innovation.
Founded in 2006, we are a multinational company which designs, produces, implements and launches products and services related to renewable energy. We work in 16 countries across 4 continents, helping to generate energy with a net installed capacity of around 1.2 GW. Our clients around the world trust us due to our quality and dedication, making Braux Energy Group one of the main energy companies in terms of its production and installation capacity.
Braux Energy Group comprises highly qualified, multidisciplinary technical teams with a particular interest in working on the ground to adapt projects to the real needs of companies. We believe in the values of responsibility, innovation, trust and a proactive approach to tackle some of the most significant contemporary energy challenges, in order to provide companies with responsible energy.

We offer a wide range of products and services, reflecting the numerous challenges facing us in the future. For this reason, we plan and provide services based on design, engineering and the installation and delivery of photovoltaic, solar thermal, microgeneration and wind projects.
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A proactive, professional team led by Marcos Gómez, CEO and founder of Braux Energy Group, designs, develops and builds the solutions needed for responsible energy. We innovate constantly and work hard to be reliable and effective from the beginning to the end of our projects.
A business group focusing on design, engineering and innovation
Energy is being transformed around the world and Braux, a company committed to developing renewable energy, seeks to be at the heart of this development. Innovation is a driver for change, and we are well-prepared with the resources necessary to lead these efforts.
Projects and subsidies:
Implementation of process management
Identification and documentation of the processes of our organisation on the process map, establishing control and monitoring systems based on the indicators on the scorecard. Project co-financed by:
Xunta de Galicia. Galician Innovation Agency
File IN848A 2014/50. "Perfilaplus". A subsidy is awarded for innovative investment in company growth (procedure IN848A) co-financed by the ERDF. Project co-financed by:
CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology). Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.
File 00086851/ IDI-20160142: "Development of a tool to optimise structures bearing photovoltaic panels" Project co-financed by:
Award of the Innovative SME Seal and Listing of Braux Manufacturing on the Register of Innovative SMEs maintained by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Directorate General of Innovation and Competitiveness) valid for 3 years, as an acknowledgment granted by the Ministry to companies which meet the established requirements and demonstrate their commitment to Innovation and RDI.
Responsibility, trust, sustainability
When we design renewable energy plants, every engineering and industrial design decision we make meets demanding technical and sustainability objectives. When we begin the installation, we ensure that the materials used are of optimum quality and that our solutions are technically rigorous. And, throughout the process, we attempt to optimise resources, reduce waste and limit our environmental impact and carbon footprint.
Exacting standards in every detail
In any complex process, every detail is important in order for the final result to attain the levels of excellence we aim to reach. For this reason, from the design phase of the project to its final launch, we apply stringent criteria to our standards and quality. We put great effort into our projects and services, as well as into protecting the natural habitat in which we work. In this way, we devise solutions for our clients while simultaneously engaging with the society in which we live and whose trust we aspire to win.
A global company
We are a multinational company committed to the renewable energy sector, design and engineering applied to the installation of more environmentally sustainable energy plants. Thanks to our expertise, our carefully developed technical resources and our global reach, we are bringing a sustainable energy supply to increasing numbers of companies.
Global products for local solutions
A network of local offices, staffed by highly qualified experts, will help you to
bring your project to life quickly and reliably.
Present in: 16 countries across 4 continents
Our areas of expertise:
Project engineering
Manufacture of structures
Contracting, Subcontrator/BOS
O&M tasks
Project development
We are Braux Energy Group
We work hard and invest our efforts and potential to become one of the best companies in the sector, and that’s why we are growing quickly, reliably and globally. From our headquarters in Vigo, we create the designs which we have devised and produce the most sophisticated, innovative solar and wind projects in the sector.We are passionate about the engineering solutions with proven results which our clients have come to trust. We seek to guarantee a cleaner, brighter future for coming generations.
At Braux, we form part of the global development and implementation of clean energy plants.
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