Calera y Chozas, the most technologically advanced followers

At Braux Energy Group with our innovation, it allows us to face the environmental challenges and this makes us the manufacturer of energy products and services preferred by our customers.

Calera y Chozas, Toledo, Spain, May 19, 2017- Braux Energy Group announced the inauguration of the Calera y Chozas solar plant for the Tórtolas Estate with fixed structures and solar trackers of an ecological and technologically advanced axis for the agricultural sector in Spain.

At Braux Energy Group we have manufactured, supplied and installed a series of structural, mechanical and electrical components for this solar energy project. The Company's high-quality tested design, along with local deployment, installation and commissioning, have been key to the success of the project by allowing this direct solar watering facility the full capacity to perfectly match water demand Of their crops.

At Braux Energy Group, we are deeply proud of the security that our Know-how provides as engineers, manufacturers and specialist installers, enabling us to obtain the trust of governments, companies, owners, EPCs and distributors on a daily basis to solve their challenges Worldwide.