MIREC WEEK 2017 Mexico welcomes the products of Braux Energy Group

Vigo, Pontevedra. As of May 5, 2017 - Mexico, Chile, Peru or Italy, as well as Spain and up to 16 countries in different continents, are some of the main destinations where Braux Energy Group, the leading clean energy company in Spain, is already Present and will be at MIREC WEEK 2017 in Mexico (STAND 28), where he will announce his new products and projects for 2017-2020.


The company prepares its disembarkation in new destinations in LATAM, besides reinforcing its presence in countries like Italy, France, United Kingdom, Mexico, Chile or Peru. In the expansion chapter, Braux Energy Group will continue to expand its international portfolio with the signing of new projects in 2017, thus advancing its goal of establishing itself in five continents.


The company will also present at MIREC WEEK 2017 the evolution of its Braux Energy Group brand, which has been completely reinvented with the creation of new concepts and innovative experiences, which offer added value to the companies of the sector, with the intention of becoming A benchmark as a clean energy manufacturer that helps companies and make the leap to new destinations.


Braux Energy Group will be present along with 200 expert speakers including Mexico's former President Felipe Calderón and top decision-makers from across the industry who will share their strategies and successes in Clean Energy at Clean energy market over 5 days, from 8 to 12 May 2017. AN EVENT, a pioneer in the energy future for the 21st century. We are waiting for you at our booth Nº28.