Braux Energy Group. The mark is a symbol Sugerir un cambio

With this objective, to create with the image a symbol that reflects what is the new Corporation, born in January of 2006, Braux Energy Group undertakes in late 2016, the way to unify and update its corporate identity. The Braux brand is the "mother brand" and from it derives the extensions: COMPANY II, COMPANY III, ... and the different products and channels of these companies with a common visual and conceptual style.


"After more than a decade of launching the Group, and after adopting the most urgent measures," says Marcos Gómez, CEO and founder of Braux Energy Group, "it is necessary to undertake the corporate image change of the different Group brands.


The renewal of the image must be in accordance with a new concept of service of the SXXI and with the technological revolution that has been lived in the last years.


The energy of 2016 is very different from that of the beginning of the 2,000, at which time the corporate image of Braux existed so far.


A new reality that symbolizes the renovation and projection into the future of BRAUX. "It is not a simple change of logo," says Marcos Gómez, "but a global brand approach, with a willingness to show movement and action. We want to imply that BRAUX evolves and adapts to a new social and digital age, in Definitive to a new stage ".


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