We imagine the world. We boost the energy of trust ...

We imagine the world. We boost the energy of confidence to face the energy challenges of companies.


The world requires its own solutions to the energy challenges. Companies look for warranty. Trust is engineering at the service of the customer, work in the field and the material and human resources to respond. 


Confidence is the expectation that something works in a certain way, but also the security that one has when undertaking a work or an effort. Confidence is a goal for us and to ensure that we design, produce, implement and implement state-of-the-art renewable energy plants around the world.


Marcos Gómez, CEO and founder of Braux Energy Group: Thanks to the development and work of our design and engineering teams, we are able to make each and every one of our clients' investments more efficient. We are a global company that we learn where we are to apply innovation anywhere in the world in a chain of knowledge that makes us more flexible, safe and effective in responsible energy solutions. We are multidisciplinary technical teams with a high qualification and with a special interest to tread the field and adapt the projects to the real needs of the companies. But we are also professionals who believe in the values ​​of responsibility, innovation, trust and proactivity to address some of the most important energy challenges of today: bringing responsible energy to companies.


Our portfolio of products and services is broad, as are the challenges that the future poses. Therefore, we plan and execute services based on the design, engineering and installation and delivery of photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind and other customized projects. This makes us one of the main manufacturers groups for renewable energy in the world and also - and that is the most important thing - in one of the most excited actors of social change: the one that bets for the clean and responsible energies


Braux Energy Group. We are a leading multinational energy company in the solar energy sector. We are "Reliable Energy". We are committed to the energy sector. We are research and develop solar energy based on trust and respect for the environment.